Friday, April 8, 2011

Twist Ending

There was a family that lived in a rural home. It was what you think a farm family would look like. There was a mom, her name was Janet, and her daughter, her name was Beth, they did chores around the house and kept everything nice and neat. The fathers, named Earl and his two sons, Troy and Terry, were heavy built guys and were very strong. The three of them kept the farm running and working nicely and neatly. They all never really saw anyone besides each other, every once and awhile the boys would go into town with their sister and get some stuff for around the house, but that’s about it. They didn’t go to school, their father thought it would have been a waste of time since all there were doing was farm work and school was 10 plus miles away. He said it would just be a waste of gas. The house didn’t have fancy electronic things; just a radio that barely worked and they only got one station on it. Whenever they listen to that station, the radio guy was talking nonsense and was talking about aliens invading the earth and zombies attacking everyone, the family started to ignore what he said and just had him on every once and awhile for entertainment. And so they wouldn’t have to listen to eat other try to be funny. One day the guy on the radio said, “It is happening, the zombie apocalypse has begun!”
Beth said, “Daddy is that true?”
He responded, “Honey, you hear all the nonsense that man talks when he’s on here, he is always saying crazy stuff like this, none of it ever happens. So do you think it’s true?”
She said, “I don’t know, he said it was happening. All the other stuff he says will happen.”
“Well I don’t think it is true, and I say we don’t have anything to worry about.” Earl told her.
“Okay papa.” Beth agreed.
Many days went by with the radio on, the family thinking he was talking nonsense and the daily ritual being the same. One day the boys had to go into town and get some things for the farm, of course their sister wanted to come with. She loved going into town and looking at the big buildings and seeing all of the crazy people and how they were dressed. The city was about an hour away and the whole car ride Beth wouldn’t stop talking about what the radio guy said, she asked her big brothers, “What are zombies?”
“They are the walking dead, people that die, and come back to life.” Troy told her.
“I want to meet one!” Beth exclaimed “I wonder what it would be like to talk to one!”
Terry said “They don’t talk, they don’t have a brain.”
“Well how do they communicate?” Beth wondered.
“They grunt and growl.” Terry explained.
Beth was so excited to see if they were real, she wanted to see zombies. She never once stopped talking about them, let alone thinking about them. They got into town after a long car ride, walked into the store and saw no one, they called out but no one answered. So they started walking around the store to fine what they needed and see anyone was there. They found no one. So they got what they needed and left, no one was there to take their money, so why pay or leave money, the boys decided to split what their dad gave them and pocket it. They went to the gun shop to take some guns if no one was there. No one was they took the nicest guns they could find and all the ammo they could carry. The only problem was that they needed to hide them from their dad because he wouldn’t have liked the fact they had them all, and that on top of that they stole them. They thought of excuses they could tell him, they were preparing for when the zombies came? He wouldn’t believe that. They wanted to go hunting? They already had guns for that. Where could they hide them, the barn, in one of their rooms, or in the shed? They decided they would go back and ask their dad if they could buy a few guns from the gun store next time they went into town and if he said yes they would hide them somewhere and wait till next time they went into town to show him them.
On the way home Beth looked sad and let down. Troy asked her “What’s wrong with you? On the way into town you wouldn’t shut up, now you won’t talk.”
“We didn’t see any zombies.” She said, “I wanted to see one and see if you two were telling me the truth about them.”
“Why would we lie to you Beth?” Troy said in curiosity.
“To mess with me and make fun of me if I believe you.” She replied.
When they got home the boys asked their dad if they could buy some guns next time they went into town, unlike they planned, he said no. Now they had a big problem. They had all these guns, and no way to get them in the house without their mom or dad seeing. They decided maybe if they were very quiet and sneaky, they could do it at night while everyone was sleeping, so that night they split the guns in half and snuck them into their rooms and hid them in the closets that no one ever looks in.

Days went by and everything was going normal, and then on Wednesday the radio guy they listened to, never came on, the radio was silent the whole time he would usually be talking. All of them thought that he was maybe just sick or he quit. The week went on and he never came back. So they stopped turning the radio on. As they looked toward the road more and more cars would drive by every day. It was summer and more people must have been going on vacation, that’s what they thought at least.

The following Wednesday they started seeing people walk toward their farm and didn’t know what to think about it. Earl got in the truck and sped off toward the mass of people. As soon as he got there, the rest of the family seen him whip the car around and drive back going faster than he was on the way there. He pulled up, jumped out of the car and screamed, “ZOMBIES!”
“So he wasn’t kidding?” Janet exclaimed.
“I guess not!” Earl yelled.
He went upstairs and got all of the guns that he had and all of the ammo. Him and the boys went outside and were going to try to stop as many as they could, maybe all of them, Earl said there were only about 400 and they are already dead, so they couldn’t be that hard to stop. All the movies they had seen in theaters in the city made it look really easy. The guys met the zombies head on and, they were as easy to kill in real life as they seen in the movies. No matter what they didn’t stop coming toward the house and the guys were backing up and running out of ammo very fast. It looked like they had no hope. As soon as everyone got into the house they ran upstairs and tried to barricade themselves in a room and use the little ammo they had left, maybe the zombies would leave they thought. Maybe they would get bored and not be able to find them. From somewhere inside the house gun shots rang out, they looked around at each other and at the same time yelled “Troy!”
He yelled back “Come out of the room, Terry and I have guns in our closets!”
Terry had totally forgot about them, the whole family used the guns they had and started killing the zombies faster than they could come in the house, a short half hour later, the attacking zombies were killed and the family was alive and well. They all were on edge, but exhausted from fighting the whole day. The last one fell asleep at four o’clock in the morning. None of the family would wake up again. A few more zombies had hid in the barn, and snuck in and killed them all.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Class recap

I really enjoyed this class. It was a lot of fun. The lyrics were fun because all the different types of music I got to hear and I liked most of them. It was also nice to hear what other people thought about the lyrics and what they meant. I catch myself thinking about meaning and stuff in the lyrics of the songs I listen to. I found out that poems are easier to write when someone tells me the structure to use and when I am given a topic. I like writing more after taking this class. I also liked that the class was in the computer lab and if people wanted to they could read what we wrote and I could read other people's posts. The people I sat next to made the class more fun as well.

One negative about this class was the repetition. I liked everything that we did, but it started to get boring toward the end of the quarter. It was basically the same thing every day and it just got a little boring. In my opinion that was the only negative about the class.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Badt restaurant experience

A bad experience I had at a restaurant was in Maryland. My dad and I were in that state because of a big My worst motocross race that only comes once and awhile. We went to an Ihop on the way to the track for some breakfast. When we got in it was almost empty and one of the waitresses told us to seat ourselves, so we did. We sat there for a while minutes and looked at the menus we grabbed and decided what we could eat. One of the waitresses told us she would be right there to take our order, five minutes later, she still hadn't taken our order. My dad said we will wait another five minutes and if no one had come to take our order we were going to leave. Five minutes rolled along and we started to get up and leave, as soon as we were about to walk out of the door, the waitress told us she was ready to take our order and asked us to come sit back down. My told told her we were waiting for around 20 minutes and no one had helped us so we were going to go across the street for food.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


If I had money and opened my own restaurant the name would have something to do with outerspace and maybe aliens. The restaurant would look futuristic so it would catch people's eye when they drove by. They would see a spaceship on the top of the building and bright colors on the outside with a sign that has a lot of bright lights on it for the late eaters. On the inside it would have silver chairs with read leather or fabric on top to make them comfortable. The booths would have the same color red leather or fabric as the chairs. Everyone that would work there would be very high energy and very friendly. That would also be the atmosphere in the restaurant I would hope. If it was people would come back and tell their friends about it so I would stay in business. The food that would be served would be typical food a restaurant would serve, but it would be better tasting and bigger than any other place in the city.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Science Fiction Story

I do not know how long I have been frozen, but it seems like it has been a long time. I feel like I have forgotten how to walk and I have no idea where I might be. My first steps are wobbly and are shaky because I was frozen for so long. I begin to walk around to see what I can figure out, the building I am in is abandoned. I begin to walk inside, the city is trashed, it seems like Time Square in Manhattan. The streets are littered with burned cars and broken glass. What happened to the city? Is it like this all over the world? What is going on? Where is everyone? These are only some of the many thoughts that were racing through my head faster the speed of light.
            As I walk through the city I begin to realize it seems abandoned and left to rot like the building in Time Square that I walked out of. I yell to see if anyone will yell back or come see if something is wrong, but all I hear is the echo of my voice in the lonely city.  I wander for what seems like forever and the more I walk through the city the more worried I get. Am I the last person on the earth, I wonder to myself? I continue walking, I hear something behind me, I look, and nothing is there. I see a weapons shop, I walk in there because that sound scared me, I grab a few guns, a backpack, and ammunition. Once I gather my courage and calm down I start walking down the street again. I hear more noise behind me and look behind me, but again I see nothing. I start to walk faster and it turns into a jog. I hear things all around me now and my heart is racing at a mile a minute and I have no idea where I am going, and no idea what is going on. All of a sudden my legs just stop moving, my body goes numb, I’m frozen in place, a figure appears in front of me, and it looks like a human. Then something hits the back of my legs and I fall to my knees, then I feel something hit me in the back of the head, and I go black.
When I regained consciousness, when I opened my eyes, I could see a small hole with light coming through it, other than that I was in a small dark room with nothing in it, I began to walk around in the room to see if I could find a door or something that I could use to escape. I found the door, but of course, it was locked and wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I pulled on it. From outside I heard a woman’s voice yell “Stop pulling at the door. You ain’t getting out.”
I yelled back “Who are you and where am I?”
The mysterious voice said “That’s for me to know and you not to worry about.”
“Just give me a name to call you.”
“Call me Tori.”
“Okay Tori, now where am I? And where is everyone else?”
“New York City. The rich people, Mars or the moon, everyone else, here.”
“Well why isn’t anyone outside or walking around on the streets?”
“Of what?”
Tori went on to explain to me, everyone that is still in the city are always armed with guns and weapons. She tells me that she is the leader of one of the most notorious crews in the city. She tells me how all of the rich people left because people started to make robots so they wouldn’t have to do and work or anything but the robots became, almost independent and stopped following orders from the people that created them and start cause problems. Anyone with money could leave because the rockets that took people to the moon and mars were still controlled by humans. It would cost a small fortune to get on one of these rockets, and if they weren’t filled by people, they wouldn’t take off. It was like an airport, but no matter what you had to plan ahead of time for your flight. Eventually people stopped making plans, and the rockets stopped taking off, everyone that hadn’t left, would never leave. She didn’t tell me how, but she was appointed leader of the Free People, or that’s what they called there crew at least.
            Tori has been hearing rumors from that the robots in other cities are starting to attack people, they are trying to get rid of everyone. She does not believe any of these to be true. Then one day a man from another city came to New York and tells her that he had to flee from his city to New York because the robots were taking over, he told us to expect the same thing to happen. He said almost everyone in the city was killed and that there may be a few more coming to seek refuge with us, but not many at all. I could see in Tori’s eyes she was scared when she heard this, she didn’t show it to anyone else, she couldn’t. Then they would be scared. She and I had become very close in the recent months. She told me how scared she was and she told me how she didn’t think any of us would survive, but she couldn’t let anyone else know that or they wouldn’t try. So I kept her secret, but didn’t give up hope.
            So Tori decides the best thing to do was get everyone that has weapons, which was most people together to at  least try to slow the robots down. She managed to get quite a few people, I was very surprised at how many actually showed up. We all met in a banquet room, I don't exactly remember where, but we filled it, and more. Some of the electronic smart people managed to get speakers set up for Tori.
I will always remember what she said, "The times are tough, but we are tougher. We will not go down without a fight!"
Everyone shouted, "YEAH!"
It was a scene straight out of an old war movie.
She went on, "I will not let them beat us while I'm alive!"
Everyone agreed, "YEAH!"
"You are all are brothers and sisters and I would die for you!"
Everyone started to clap.
She goes on saying, "Are we scared?!"
"We made them, so let's destroy them!"
"YEAH!" everyone exclaims.
We wait in days  of anticipation, but nothing happens, we see no robots. We begin to wander if that man was lying. We didn't know him, No one did, We begin to question him, he swears to us that he is telling the truth.
So Tori decides the best thing to do was get everyone that has weapons, which was most people together to at least try to slow the robots down, she managed to get quite a few people. I was very surprised at how many actually showed up. We all met in a banquet room, I don't exactly remember where, but we filled it, and more. Some of the electronic smart people managed to get speakers set up for Tori.
I will always remember what she said, "The times are tough, but we are tougher. We will not go down without a fight!"
Everyone shouted, "Yeah!"
It was a scene straight out of an old war movie.
She went on, "I will not let them beat us while I'm alive!"
Everyone agreed, "Yeah!"
"You are all are brothers and sisters and I would die for you!"
Everyone started to clap.
She goes on saying, "Are we scared?!"
"We made them, so let's destroy them!"
"Yeah!" everyone exclaims.
We wait in days of anticipation, but nothing happens, we see no robots. We begin to wander if that man was lying. We didn't know him, no one did. We begin to question him; he swears to us that he is telling the truth. After a week of waiting, we saw shadows in the distance and we heard robot noises, the time had come. Everyone started to get nervous, no one could stay still. We had more people than them, there were only around 400 and we had upwards of 2000, it shouldn’t be a problem I thought. They are stronger and much bigger than us though and our bullets were not going to do a lot of them. I told Tori this and she agreed with me, she said we would have to get close to them and go directly to their circuit breakers.
They were only about a football field away now; everyone shouldered their guns and got ready to fight the robot army. Tori was waiting to give us the signal and made sure everyone aimed at the head because she knew that that’s where all the important computer components were. She waited until the robots stopped before she yelled “Fire!”
As soon as she did this a thunder of gunshots rang through the city. I was almost deafened by the sound. Some of the robots fell and got destroyed, but it didn’t even put a dent in the entire army of them. We only got about 25 of them, and they did not stop, not even flinch for a second. I thought to myself that this is going to be a long, hard, and intense fight. Some of the military and police robots started to shoot at us; we totally forgot to take account for them. Tori yelled, “Shoot the robots with guns first!”
Everyone began to direct their fire toward those robots, we found out they were built with stronger metal than the others because it took us twice as long to make them fall. As the battle went on more people were dying, even when the robots were close to us. They were too strong for us, we were losing people like rain hits the ground during a thunderstorm. I told Tori we had to get out of the city and try to save our lives, she refused and told me over and over again, “All these people died trying to save my life and everyone else’s life, I will not just run away and let them die in vain. If you want to leave, go ahead, but I want you to stay here and fight with me, you are my best friend and I would not want to die with anyone else.”
I had to stay. I couldn’t bring myself to leave after she told me that, I faced the fact I was probably going to die, it was my reality. All of a sudden I wasn’t scared; I was honored to be fight next to such and amazing woman and all of these amazing people. Hour after hour the battle dragged on, the only people that were left were the strongest, most experienced fighters, and me. I couldn’t understand why I was still there, I mean I was just frozen for 100 years and had no idea what was going on and had only played with toy guns as a little kid.  As soon as all of the people started to lose faith in them, and everyone else around, we saw people coming toward us in the distance, they were actually people. How did they know we were in trouble? Who are they? They started shooting at the robots and we all got excited and faith was returned to us.
With our new found help, the battle didn’t last very much longer. It was only about two hours. After the fight we went over to who looked like the leader of our help and asked him why he came and how he knew we were going to be in trouble. He told us how all of his men were stationed on a military base and the robots started to attack them awhile back. Then he went on to say that one of the military veterans in New York managed to sneak out of the city and wanted to warn his fellow soldiers about what was going to happen. When he got there, he noticed it already happened and told them it was going to happen in New York. So, the first thing the next day they started marching to the city to help. We were so grateful to them and all of the survivors joined forces and went marching city to city, to make sure all the cities were okay and wouldn’t be attacked.


This man, was sitting in his chair then he saw something moving under the rug. He jumped out of his seat and picked up the chair he was sitting on to smash the moving rug. He wanted to know what it was, so he waited and waited for it to come out but it just stopped moving, then it disappeared, so he set the chair back down and started to read, then out of the corner of his eye he saw it again, so he jumped up and grabbed the chair again, this time he did not hesitate to slam the chair down onto the moving rug, it stopped as soon as he hit it and then he looked to see what it was, there was nothing there. The only thing he could think of it being was a ghost. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Behind her the noise escalated...

Behind her the noise escalated and a fight broke out. No one knew why, it just did. And as soon as it started her noise and all the other noise, went silent. The fight continued for minutes on end, more and more people started to join and start to fight. It was an all out brawl and everyone in the area was fighting. They were going crazy! The venue was too small for all the mayhem. Then as soon as it started, it stopped. And her noise began again.